Amazing Breaker




There’s something I find really appealing about the destruction games. As someone who’s fastidious about taking care of my things I really enjoy these games that are related to destroying things and often times in novel and engaging ways. Amazing Breaker or A-Breaker as it will appear on your device is all about destroying ice creations with a variety of interesting weapons.

It’s a pull back, aim and release style interface to launch your weapons some of which will detonate on impact, some you tap, tap, tap again to place sub-weapons all of which will detonate if they’re close enough to each other.

The wonderful thing about this game is the newness and difference to what was already out there such as Angry Birds, which of course remains a classic but if you like that style of game give A-Breaker a go, it’s really good. There’s a free version if you really need to try it but I’d say buy it, the Dev has done a great job, beautiful graphics, lovely soundtrack, worth the money.

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