App Store Update Improvement

I install a lot of apps. Hundreds per year, just to check them out and often delete them after trying them but sometimes I let them stay thinking that I may try them again at some stage. I rarely do try them again.

My phone and iPad say I have 505 apps but I’m not sure if that means on the device or in total ever purchased or installed for free, either way it’s a fair amount.

I used to let my devices update apps automatically but turned that off as I like to see what is being updated, it prompts me to maybe use an app again that I have not thought of for some time, see what has been updated.

My App Store update improvement idea is to allow the swipe left to display a delete option to exist. If there’s an app update available for an app I simply do not use, it would be very convenient to be able to swipe left and delete it. It would be even better if the update display showed the date of the last time you used that app.

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