Discoveries In iOS 8

I have not read extensively on iOS 8 and all the features, I’m mainly aware of the things covered in the Keynote and the Apple site. I have noticed a couple of things I was not aware of that I think are pretty good.

1. The opportunity to update contact info directly from email, or more specifically, a prompt to do so. Have you noticed the bar at the top of a message that indicates to you that the sender has information in their email that you do not have in your contact entry for them? You’re given the option to click Ignore or to Update the contact. This is good to capture missing info but also handy if your contact changes their details, new phone number, new address, that sort of thing.


2. The ability to hide App purchases from your Purchased list in the App Store App. Since I had to wipe my iPad and chose to make a fresh start, I scrolled thru the Purchased section of the ¬†App Store App and tapped to download and installed all the Apps I wanted to put back. I swiped a little bit on one of the Apps, to the left, which revealed a Hide button. I will do this, one day, probably on holidays with a glass of wine. Things like previous versions of Apps, like Modern Combat. I have them all and I’m unlikely to install an old version and play the campaign and I imagine the multi-player areas are empty with everyone playing in the latest version.

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