Gene Effect

This game brings back some wonderful memories of my first play through. It was Christmas holidays here in Australia and we were staying in a reasonably remote area, so there was no internet. Fortunately, Gene Effect by Lightstorm3D  worked fine without internet so it was my go-to game for that holiday period.

First released in 2012 and last updated in January 2014 I’m really pleased to see it is still working on iOS 10 some 20 months after it’s last update. I think the jukebox may not be working, you get access to jukebox tracks as you progress through the levels, but when I tried to play them on the iPad nothing much was happening. I remember corresponding with the developers some time ago so I’ll write to them again and see if they can update the game as I’m keen to play through it all over again.


So what’s to like? Easy gameplay is what I appreciate the most about Gene Effect, you go left, right, up and down. You have a Repulsor to destroy rocks and enemies and there are some missiles you can acquire and fire to help your progress.

I love the sound effects also, great sci-fi type sounds, classics and perfect for the game. You’re in command of a mining vessel basically and you’re mining an alien world, deep in their caves. There are some nasty plants and strong wind tunnels that make it hard to navigate without hitting the cave walls, which will zap your energy, so be careful.


I’m not sure what the Apple App Store cost is as I already had the game installed and I can’t see what the price is, but it’s about $5 USD on the Google Play Store so I imagine it’s about the same on Apple’s.

If you enjoy an atmospheric game that won’t take years to complete or thousands of dollars in in-App purchases, then give Gene Effect a go and let me know what you think. Maybe try it over the Christmas Holidays, it’s a great App for holidays!



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