I was lucky enough to be one of the few people in Australia that had an original iPhone. It was a very special treat but there was not a lot we could do with it here and of course there were not many Apps available. I spent a lot of time looking at different wallpapers and surfing the internet until Globall arrived.

Globall is a fabulous game and I’m really pleased to see that it is still in the store and works perfectly on the iPhone 5S.

Robot Super Brain, the developers, crafted a beautiful tilt-to-move-the-ball game that remains engaging 5 years after the most recent update in 2009. You move the ball around to collect coloured blocks and gold coins but before doing so, search around to find the bonus multipliers for your first colour, red, green, blue or pink. If you want to maximise your points you may have to travel a long way through the maze style world to collect all multipliers of the same colour and then back-track collecting the right coloured blocks on your way back.

Be careful though, because there are creatures lurking and they will kill you! They’re slow and deliberate in their pursuit of you. You can avoid them or you can ‘pop’ a block that has a power-up active. Power-ups give you a short period of time where your ball has special powers, maybe electric power that zaps multiple connected blacks and there’s a bomb power-up which explodes many blocks with the one touch. Several other power-ups are available with different results, all though allow you to touch the creates and destroy them. Watch out too for the spikes and other traps along the way.

There are secret corridors hidden within many levels and for the most part, you will not notice them unless you come close and the wall opens up to reveal a pathway, often leading to bonus coins. The faster you complete the level the greater your time bonus will be when you’re finished and as your score grows, at the end of each level you will see how you are placed in the global high score leaderboard. I think Robot Super Brain pioneered the global leaderboard idea and if not, they certainly created a beautiful implementation of the concept.

I wrote to the developers a year or two ago to see if they thought they would ever update the game, hopefully adding some levels, or maybe even release a Globall 2, but sadly they advised they will not be doing this. Check out Globall in the App Store if you’ve ever enjoyed precision tilt games, it’s gorgeous, responsive and fun and well worth the few dollars for the hours of fun it provides.

UPDATE October 2014 I’m sad to say GloBall is no longer working, seems to be related to iOS 8, I’ve emailed the developers, fingers crossed they update it because it’s a timeless classic.

UPDATE October 2014 They’ve fixed it!


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