The iPad Air & Some Apps Not Working Properly

I’ve had the iPad Air for three days now, it’s replacing my iPad 3 from a couple of years ago.

It does not feel as solid as the previous one. The touch of the metal back on the 3 and the weight of it makes it feel more robust and the noise from a button press is not as loud. The Air feels lighter, derp, but also less robust and it sounds a little hollow when you press the volume or Home buttons. I won’t revert to the iPad 3, I’ve settled with the Air for sure now and the performance improvement is worth it.

Little areas of lag that I simply expected and adjusted my usage to accommodate are now gone, so i need to remind myself not to wait.

The strangest thing though is that there are a couple of Apps that do not work properly on the iPad Air compared to the iPad 3, both of which are running the very latest version of iOS 7. One of the guys at work said it looks like on the Air the App is pulling in the wrong graphic assets but I don’t understand why it would do that as the screen resolution is the same and the Operating System is the same, I guess it has something to do with the A7 processor? Screen shots below.

Slot Dozer Home Screen On iPad 3

Home screen on the iPad 3.

Slot Dozer Home Screen On iPad Air

 Home screen on the iPad Air.

Slot Dozer Game Screen On iPad 3

 Game screen on the iPad 3.

Slot Dozer Game Screen On iPad Air

 Game screen on the iPad Air.

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