Mac App Store Says Updates Available But None Are Showing

I had two Macs I wanted to update with the latest 10.2 MacOS Sierra, one of them, a Mini, was fine, everything was displayed as expected in the Mac App Store but my MacBook Pro said there were 9 updates available but when I went into the Updates section, top right icon, there were no updates showing.

So, if you have this issue where the Mac App Store says updates are available but none are showing, this is what worked for me.

I clicked on the Purchased icon, second top right, and scrolled through the list looking for apps with a status of Update. You might see Download and Install but don’t do that, at least not now, they’re not the ones you need.

Once I had clicked on Update on all those showing and they had downloaded and updated, I clicked on Updates in the top right hand corner again, and the MacOS update was showing. Hopefully everything is back to normal and hopefully this helps you.

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