Mobile Advertising Is Broken

I was prompted to write about the problem with mobile advertising after writing this. Mobile advertising is broken and there’s a great opportunity there for someone to do something better. Hey Apple.

I’m fine with watching Ads in games and elsewhere on my iPhone and iPad, in fact I’ve discovered some great Apps, gamesĀ and others from the advertising. A lot of the Ads are even better than the games, and Mobile Strike is a great example of this. They have Arnold Schwarzenegger in their Ads and the graphic effects in their Ads are far better than the graphics in the App itself. I’m happy to see good quality Ads and often.

The problem is, the Ads repeat, they show even if I have installed the App and this would not be hard to fix.

Don’t serve me an Ad for an App I have on my phone. If necessary, record my usage and serve it to me if I am not using it reasonably frequently but don’t waste your money serving me Ads for an App I have or for an App I will never install.

In addition to the Close and Replay buttons that come up at the end of the Ad, give us a Not Interested button, this will allow different Ads to be served to me and maybe I actually see something I’d like to install and the advertiser can make some money instead of blowing it on wasted Ads.

Just a thought.


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