Mobile Strike Enough Already

Enough already Epic War LLC, the Mobile Strike advertising is out of hand.

There are few iPhone and iPad games I play where you can play an Ad to boost for a period of time. Just about every Ad is for Mobile Strike. Enough already. I’ve even seen them played on country television. It’s hard to believe this advertising is effective. I’ve asked around and none of the children or adults I know who play on their devices regularly, none of them play Mobile Strike.

It’s such a waste because I’ve installed the App, I’ve even played it and they keep serving me Ads for it.

And the game, it’s average at best. The graphics are mediocre. The gameplay is complex and dull. So far the coach tells me every thing I should press, and you don’t have a choice, she just keeps popping up and highlighting the next button to press.

I guess people are playing and more importantly, they’re paying, in order to fund all that advertising.

I wish I could stop it, I don’t mind the Ads, I just don’t want to see any more Mobile Strike.

25 thoughts on “Mobile Strike Enough Already

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  2. Ikeepitanonymous

    This is litteraly my problem. I’m fine with ads. BUT ENOUGHT WITH THE STUPID MOBILE STRIKE FOR GODS SAKE!!! I would LITTERALY rather watch paint dry than another one of those stupid ads.

  3. Sldlskdk

    Oh my F***** god, this mobile strike ads are annoying as hell!! I never even play any games on my iphone and never looked up anything related to any games on google but every single youtube ads are mobile strike!!!! I’m going insane. Google really is a POS company that only makes mediocre products really. They can’t even tailor ads to my interest and they recommend me youtube videos that are related to things like computer games and NBA that i can’t care less about. Im the only person using my account. I even set my ads interest in my account but ive never seen anything related. I hate google. Ive finally switched to iphone, mac, apple tv, and everything non-google and switched my family members gadgets as well. I’m going to switch from gmail to another one in the future. So fuckin sick of google products.

  4. SFC V.

    Everyone else here has already said everything I’m thinking about these non-stop MS ads. Additionally, as an active duty service member, it drives me extra crazy with these ads because of how ridiculously out of regulation the uniforms are on these actors, especially Arnold. Add disgrace to the uniform to the list of negatives regarding this game and it’s onslaught of ads.

  5. Eddy J.

    It really sucks to have these pain-in-the-ass ads popping up litterally everywhere. The Most awful part is, that these ads don’t display anything of what happens ingame. I have tested it myself and I can say for sure that this game sucks. why would you have a crappy game and big budget ads for it?!!! I am litterally disgusted of the ads after having played the game !!!

    1. GregFisher Post author

      Yes Eddy, you’re right about the advert footage being nothing like the game-play. The ads have stopped in Australia, for now, but they must be making a fortune from this game to afford the high quality video they’re producing. I hope people stop playing soon!

  6. Me

    Sorry for screaming, i’m just mad.


    These friggin Mobile Strike ads are annoying as fuck. Every five seconds they tend to pop up. I will NOT DOWNLOAD THIS FUCKING GAME!

  8. Annoying

    Happening in Japan too. Very obnoxious, the last thing I could ever care for would be some dumb American “army simulator” product. It keeps popping up when I’m just trying to play a cute puzzle game. Why would they market stuff towards me, who has less than no interest in those types of games anyway?

    If it isn’t a game with an icon of cartoon medieval white man yelling, it’s Mobile Strike. I’m tired of this garbage and I wish I could just block these specific ads out. I do like supporting my favourite apps through revenue, but this is just grating. Nobody I know of who I have asked has any interest in these English Army games. Some of them have Japanese translation, but even then, we generally just don’t care, it’s clutter. I wish there was a system to mark a certain ad as irrelevant, or a nuisance, and be done with seeing it.

    1. GregFisher Post author

      Awesome that you’re visiting from Japan, thank you! I’d be happy to see some movie trailers. Every now and then in Australia an ad for a company here will come up. Any of these things are better than the relentless Mobile Strike ads that have nothing to do with the actual boring game play.

  9. JR

    I will admit I downloaded the game because of boredom and of course Arnold in the advertisements…. slick right?
    Bottom line is Epic War is making sooo much money off of Game of War and Mobile Strike, it won’t ever stop, not until EW releases a new game to advertise.
    Did you know EW hired Mariah Carey for their advertisements for Game of War?
    The game itself isn’t a bad concept, I have acquantences from all over the world, finland, japan, korea, australia, and the middle east just to name a few.
    EW games are geared for people with thousands upon thousands of dollars to spend on nothing.
    EW definitely makes the money to not care.

    1. GregFisher Post author

      Thanks JR, I’d never actually bothered to look into the business behind the annoying advertising. You’re right too, I think the games themselves are all right but the monetisation techniques leave me a bit cold, I give up as it will take too long or cost too much to advance let alone finish.

  10. Hellmark

    What’s even worse is that the Mobile Strike game plays NOTHING like the Ads. The ads are a realtime tower defense game and the real game is all wait. You just issue orders and wait for it to happen. “Build this” “Attack that base”, you don’t get anything in real time, and nothing is hands on.

  11. Ashton the loser

    Yes!!!!! I have been seeing these ads for a year now! They are f****** insane! I dont care about Arnold,I dont care about them putting nerdy girls with glasses in the ad! I swear to god if i could see epic wars face,i would put a gun to their mouth and fire up!

  12. SXX593

    I am so tired of these Mobile Strike ads.
    I love gaming on my iPad but I refuse to even try this game due to annoyance from the ads.
    These marketing companies need to learn that over marketing leads to annoyance and pushes people away.

  13. The One You Son Of A Gun

    I couldn’t agree less, every time a play something by miniclip it pops up a freaking mobile strike or game of war ad. They also use very dirty tricks to annoy you. Such as hiding timers and close buttons along overlapping click sensors. It makes me feel like I have freaking spyware.

  14. HatesMobileStrike

    There is an app called 5-0 Radio. It’s cool. It’s a police scanner and has music channels, too. I’ve used this app for more than a year.
    Within the past month, Mobile Strike ad pops up and you CANNOT CLOSE IT. Even if you download it, from the Install Now button in the ad.
    The ad NEVER goes away.
    There were other ads at one time, but now MS monopolizes the app.
    I think app owners should ban that kind of crap.

    1. GregFisher Post author

      I just installed 5-0 Radio, I didn’t think it would work in Australia but it does, and I see what you mean, Mobile Strike, Game Of War, it’s just awful!

  15. John Nigel Collins

    Hey , why won’t we build up and help together and find out the email of developers of the f*cking mobile strike and game of war ? Then we could convince them and stop this f*cking annoying ad once and for all . I my self is also annoyed by that stupid ad , especially when I’m playing trials extreme 4 whenever i start a race that motherf*cking ad starts popping up and i always have to press my return button to make it go away . what do you say people ? If you’re not into it it’s okay . But if you want to convince them to stop the ad , we can help together and stop this .

  16. Sean

    It’s stupid, you think because you put a washed up actor and liberal politician on a commercial i’m going to want to play it?? get real..

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