Mobile Strike Enough Already

Enough already Epic War LLC, the Mobile Strike advertising is out of hand.

There are few iPhone and iPad games I play where you can play an Ad to boost for a period of time. Just about every Ad is for Mobile Strike. Enough already. I’ve even seen them played on country television. It’s hard to believe this advertising is effective. I’ve asked around and none of the children or adults I know who play on their devices regularly, none of them play Mobile Strike.

It’s such a waste because I’ve installed the App, I’ve even played it and they keep serving me Ads for it.

And the game, it’s average at best. The graphics are mediocre. The gameplay is complex and dull. So far the coach tells me every thing I should press, and you don’t have a choice, she just keeps popping up and highlighting the next button to press.

I guess people are playing and more importantly, they’re paying, in order to fund all that advertising.

I wish I could stop it, I don’t mind the Ads, I just don’t want to see any more Mobile Strike.


Really pleased for the AirBolt team, they hit their KickStarter target within a week.

The features and functions of the lock and associated App are excellent and the device looks great.

I’d been involved a little when I worked with Bizar Mobile who built the App and it’s really satisfying to see them achieve what they’ve worked so hard to do.

You can still back them until about mid-December.

Runtastic Premium Best Exercise Tracker

It’s been a couple of years since I have tried any other actual tracking Apps and regardless I remain happy with Runtastic, I don’t need to change. The Pro Version, or Runtastic Premium as it’s recently been renamed, adds one feature that I really like and that is the ability for other people to cheer you on when you’re out for a run or walk or ride or what ever. It’s such a sweet surprise to be running along and all of a sudden you hear a Go Go Go or one of the other pre-defined cheers that friends and other users can send.

The Story Runs are great, you can listen to a story as you move, a nice change to having your music going and there’s also Routes that other users may have recorded that you can use and challenge and record your own. There are Training Plans, full History recording, all the Statistics you may want.

Runtastic Premium costs about $30 a year, they could make it easier to work out, there are too many different in-App purchases. I did it through the website, it’s worth it, the annual renewal is fine, just check it all out but give it a go even before going Premium, it’s a really good App and there’s a Watch App, but is that needed?




Runtastic full history of all exercise sessions.

The Runtastic Story Runs are great!

League Of War 3D Strategy Game

League Of War is one of my all time favourites. It’s been around since November 2013 but I think I discovered it in 2015 and I play it daily, without fail, first thing in the morning, last thing at night. Of course it’s frustrating because you run out of Energy and Morale which you need for different aspects of the game, you need to allow time for them to recharge or of course you can use Gold to recharge, but that takes a long time to build up or you can pay money for Gold. I’ve done that, no because you have to, you can make really good progress without spending a dollar but I’m happy to in order to support the Developers, it’s worth it.

There’s a lot going on in this game. You get weapons, Tanks, Infantry, Air, and what ever you call the Jeep type reconnaissance vehicles, they have guns on them and they’re fast, but they’re not tough like tanks. Infantry are people with various weapons and Air ranges from Helicopters to Jets.

There are various levels of the above weapons, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super rare, Ultra Rare and Epic or something like that. In all my playing I haven’t been lucky enough yet to get one but they’re extremely powerful. When you go up against these it’s hard to win unless you can strike before your opponent launches their Epic assault.

You Train your vehicles, Promote them, you get Training cards, there are Boss battles and Invasions, they alternate and run for a week at a time. You can Verse other players, but it’s not real time which I prefer, I’m not sure exactly how it works, I guess a game you play against the AI will be used against another player, how ever it works, it’s great fun.

I could bang on for ages about this game going into lots of detail, but it’s free (at least it was, check) so just give it a try if this sounds like your thing!

Oh, check out this picture, I was able to get this to happening on one of the Invasion levels, I have a very strong tank which none of the opponent’s weapons could destroy at all quickly, so they kept releasing more and more helicopters and ground troups, it was awesome!






The Wonderful Things Coming From WWDC 2015

The Apple TV Becomes A Gaming Console

The prospect of the Apple TV becoming the latest iOS development platform is the most exciting announcement I can anticipate from WWDC 2015. We have our FulGaz App which would be better than ever running natively on the Apple TV. AirPlay is OK from an iPhone or iPad to the Apple TV but for the best results you need to connect your device to your TV with a cable. FulGaz is video intensive and the wire still provides the fastest transfer. If, however, we could develop FulGaz to run on the Apple TV itself then our users all around the world will get an even better experience. If you love cycling, maybe tried KinoMap and Zwift and especially if you enjoy training for hill climbs, give FulGaz a go, you can get it from the App Store.

We also have several ideas for TV based Apps. It makes sense that the new Apple TV would allow for picture-in-picture or a shared screen feature of some sort. So many TV shows now engage their audience with twitter and other social media interactions, so a live Twitter ticker across the top or bottom of your display could be awesome and you use your iPad or iPhone as the keyboard for the Apple TV.

Of course, playing all your favourite iPhone and iPad games on the big screen becomes so much more viable when they’re running natively on the Apple TV and all of a sudden, XBOX and PlayStation face a powerful new competitor. Some of the gorgeous games on iOS would be beautiful on a big screen. The iPhone and iPad can be used as controllers but a gaming controller will be available too, or maybe third parties will be able to make them.

The Apple Watch will be able to be used as an Apple TV controller too, its small size is not a hindrance for channel changes and using Siri via the watch or the Apple TV will be effective also.

Expansion Of Apple Pay To Other Countries

Bring it to Australia already! Australia is usually on the list of countries to get new devices and other updates pretty quickly, it’s time Apple Pay came here too.

Home Automation And Connectivity

HomeKit should allow device makers to integrate their devices natively with our iOS environment at home. We have the LIFX globes at home, we use Tiles to find our keys, the Point Home Security device is on order and were getting several other things once they become available. It will be great when we can control everything from within the one App and on our watch.

New iOS, OS X, Streaming Music

None of this is terribly thrilling but it would be good if they split iTunes up on the Mac, giving us an iOS App Store App, Music, Videos, TV, Podcasts, they’re all substantial eco-systems in their own right and simplifying this would be a good outcome.



2 Things You Can Do To Help Improve The App You Installed

We built the FulGaz App at work, this is my personal site and my personal opinions, for bike racing and training lovers around the world. I don’t even cycle but the quality of the videos we are producing is stunning, I love just watching, just go and watch the down-hill run at the website. I just want to be there and do that!

Now, truth be known, the down-hill run is not going to be the most challenging experience with FulGaz, because the powerful experience comes from riding a route where you will feel the resistance and pressure that comes from the inclines and the hill-climbs of many wonderful rides from around the world.

We are focussing on quality over quantity. A key competitor in this arena that you’re probably already aware of is KinoMap. They allow everyone to upload videos and the result is an enormous number of very low quality videos. Most of them are awful. But if you want great variety then that’s the App for you.

If you want the most high quality and realistic experience then you want FulGaz. You have nothing to lose because you can ride everything free for a week. There’s no cost to install the App.

But yes, after the first week, we’d like you to subscribe. In Australia it’s ten bucks a month and way cheaper if you’re happy to buy 3 or 6 monthly subscriptions. Where ever you are in the world, it will be about the same real money cost, Apple works that out, it’s not us.

So, the first thing you can do to help improve the App you’ve installed, if it’s remotely good, is to contribute financially. I’m not just talking about FulGaz, this applies to all Apps. I know how much effort goes into building a quality App, game, trainer, productivity App, it doesn’t matter, if it’s quality it has cost tens of thousands of dollars, at least.

The second thing you can do to help improve the App you installed, because you thought it would be good, is to give the developer feedback directly. Go to the website, use the feedback option in the App, go to the Facebook page and tell them about the good or bad things you’re experiencing with the App.

Do not lodge a poor review on the App store without interacting with them at least once.

There are so many things that can influence your experience with an App. You might be running older software on your device, maybe your hardware is older, maybe your internet speed is really slow, maybe you don’t have much memory available. There are so many things that can influence the success or otherwise of your experience with any App.

It may not be the App.

If you have a crappy experience with an App you hoped would be good, give the developer some direct feedback, don’t flame them on the App store. And if the App is OK or pretty good, buy the Pro version or pay to turn off Adverts or subscribe for a month and give it a thrashing. Paying a few dollars sends a message to the developer that you like it and hope they’ll do more moving forward.

It costs a lot to make a quality App, it takes time to support the users and we want to do that, please give us a chance to help.


Smash Hit

Smash Hit is the most frenetic of the destruction games and it’s wonderful.

The sound of the glass objects and barriers cracking and breaking is fabulous and realistic.

You target the trajectory of the metal balls allowing for gravity, they will launch and if you’re accurate you’ll hit your target. But some of the targets move. The pyramids and other shapes will reward you with additional balls, the barriers, if you do not destroy them in time will result in you dropping balls when you hit them.

It’s difficult and really enjoyable, give it a try, it’s free with a modest in-App purchase option to go premium which will allow you to resume where you left off. This post has taken hours as I just kept having one-more-go!




Handy Hints From Sunbeam


Had to get a new toaster for the holiday house, nice little four piece toaster by Sunbeam which included the handy hint to not put things on top of the toaster while using it and to remove the message before use.

The brown cardboard insert to the right though seems fine to leave it, no warning messages there.

Travelling WiFi


Heading off on holidays and preparing the car, this NetComm MyZone Travelling WiFi Hotspot is the best holidays gadget I’ve ever purchased. We have it in the car on the way, we have people playing games and getting work done so it doesn’t have to be done at the destination.

I think the one we have would be 4 or 5 years old now, I think it only does 3G but maybe would do 4G if I had a suitable SIM in it, not sure, either way 3G is enough for now.