Runtastic Premium Best Exercise Tracker

It’s been a couple of years since I have tried any other actual tracking Apps and regardless I remain happy with Runtastic, I don’t need to change. The Pro Version, or Runtastic Premium as it’s recently been renamed, adds one feature that I really like and that is the ability for other people to cheer you on when you’re out for a run or walk or ride or what ever. It’s such a sweet surprise to be running along and all of a sudden you hear a Go Go Go or one of the other pre-defined cheers that friends and other users can send.

The Story Runs are great, you can listen to a story as you move, a nice change to having your music going and there’s also Routes that other users may have recorded that you can use and challenge and record your own. There are Training Plans, full History recording, all the Statistics you may want.

Runtastic Premium costs about $30 a year, they could make it easier to work out, there are too many different in-App purchases. I did it through the website, it’s worth it, the annual renewal is fine, just check it all out but give it a go even before going Premium, it’s a really good App and there’s a Watch App, but is that needed?




Runtastic full history of all exercise sessions.

The Runtastic Story Runs are great!

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