ScanBot The Best Scanning App

ScanBot is a very useful App if you manage any business processes and activities. Even if you have a scanner and even if it’s one of those good ones that will fax the scanned document for you, I still use ScanBot. It’s probably ideal for students too that might want to grab an electronic copy of documents they’re given, exam papers or notes.

I tried the free version first, click/tap below or search for ScanBot and you’ll see the standard version and the Pro version. The free version was impressive and I was happy to pay for the Pro version, it’s been so useful even at home when you have those tasks that need a document signed and scanned and sent.


You can link it to iCloud or DropBox so the scans get saved there automatically, it works perfectly, I use DropBox. I typically use ScanBot on my iPhone and then sit at my computer and craft the email, drag the scanned document into the email and send it off. You can even change the file name in the App, rotate scans if necessary. It’s way more powerful than I need and¬†everything I need is there.

I completely recommend this if you ever scan anything, it’s brilliant.



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