The Wonderful Things Coming From WWDC 2015

The Apple TV Becomes A Gaming Console

The prospect of the Apple TV becoming the latest iOS development platform is the most exciting announcement I can anticipate from WWDC 2015. We have our FulGaz App which would be better than ever running natively on the Apple TV. AirPlay is OK from an iPhone or iPad to the Apple TV but for the best results you need to connect your device to your TV with a cable. FulGaz is video intensive and the wire still provides the fastest transfer. If, however, we could develop FulGaz to run on the Apple TV itself then our users all around the world will get an even better experience. If you love cycling, maybe tried KinoMap and Zwift and especially if you enjoy training for hill climbs, give FulGaz a go, you can get it from the App Store.

We also have several ideas for TV based Apps. It makes sense that the new Apple TV would allow for picture-in-picture or a shared screen feature of some sort. So many TV shows now engage their audience with twitter and other social media interactions, so a live Twitter ticker across the top or bottom of your display could be awesome and you use your iPad or iPhone as the keyboard for the Apple TV.

Of course, playing all your favourite iPhone and iPad games on the big screen becomes so much more viable when they’re running natively on the Apple TV and all of a sudden, XBOX and PlayStation face a powerful new competitor. Some of the gorgeous games on iOS would be beautiful on a big screen. The iPhone and iPad can be used as controllers but a gaming controller will be available too, or maybe third parties will be able to make them.

The Apple Watch will be able to be used as an Apple TV controller too, its small size is not a hindrance for channel changes and using Siri via the watch or the Apple TV will be effective also.

Expansion Of Apple Pay To Other Countries

Bring it to Australia already! Australia is usually on the list of countries to get new devices and other updates pretty quickly, it’s time Apple Pay came here too.

Home Automation And Connectivity

HomeKit should allow device makers to integrate their devices natively with our iOS environment at home. We have the LIFX globes at home, we use Tiles to find our keys, the Point Home Security device is on order and were getting several other things once they become available. It will be great when we can control everything from within the one App and on our watch.

New iOS, OS X, Streaming Music

None of this is terribly thrilling but it would be good if they split iTunes up on the Mac, giving us an iOS App Store App, Music, Videos, TV, Podcasts, they’re all substantial eco-systems in their own right and simplifying this would be a good outcome.



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